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Need guidance on using a vibrator?

The Adult Toy Boutique has put together a comprehensive guide on how to use a vibrator which includes everything you will need to know!

Our guide includes everything from different types of vibrators like internal and external vibrators, penis focussed vibrators, and anal vibrators. There’s also some good information on the aftercare and cleaning after you use a vibrator


A select range of vibrators for sale

Finding a vibrator that suits you and your needs can be a difficult task. Without proper guidance and knowledge, it can seem like there are too many to choose from, however, don’t give up because there is definitely a vibrator that is suited to you and your body.

The vibrators on sale at the Adult Toy Boutique range to suit the highly experienced user, to a complete novice that is trying out a vibrator for the first time.


How to buy a vibrator online

Buying a vibrator online has never been so easy. However, with accessibility on the up, there is always a chance of finding a vibrator that isn’t made of quality materials. Always do your due diligence when purchasing a vibrator online as there are many dodgy suppliers that don’t put your safety first!


Different types of vibrators

There are many different types of vibrators to choose from that all range in shape and size. Before choosing the perfect vibrator for you and your body, there are a few things to consider. For example, will you be using the vibrator with a partner? Are you experienced in using a vibrator? Where would you like to feel the most stimulation? Here is a quick description of the most popular vibrators.


Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are probably the most recognisable vibrators on the market and they are perfect for offering dual stimulation both internally and externally.


Massagers and Wands

If you are just looking for external clitoral stimulation then these sex toys could be the perfect fit. These vibrators offer a range of different vibrations including varying speeds, and rhythms.


Bullets & Mini Vibrators

The perfect travel mate. A bullet or mini vibrator is perfect for users who are only just exploring their sex toy usage. They are compact, discrete, and packed full of fun!


Clitoral Suction Vibrators

A clitoral suction vibrator is perfect for external clitoral stimulation. These range in size and are suited to all experience levels